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Mandala Relaxation Drawing Class

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Service Description

Intricate geometric compositions created on a base of a circle, known as mandalas, have a deep spiritual meaning in Hinduism and Buddhism. They represent the whole of the universe, and they can be used as an exercise or for meditation. Recently, the basic idea of drawing a radial pattern has been also adopted by the Western world, as a tool for therapy or simply relaxation. Drawing a mandala (or what is widely considered as a mandala in Western civilization) can seem very strenuous and difficult at first, but it's actually the opposite. The intricate look of a mandala comes from following a rhythm, which turns a little effort into a stunning result. Doing the same thing over and over, and advancing despite it, is very relaxing and lets you stay in the moment. You can join us for a trial session and learn more about drawing as a therapy. 在圓的基礎上創造的複雜的幾何組成一組圖案,印度教和佛教被稱為曼陀羅,具有深刻的精神意義。 曼陀羅代表了整個宇宙,可以被用來作為一個練習或冥想。 最近,西方世界也採用了放射狀圖形的基本思想,作為治療或簡單放鬆的工具。 畫一個曼陀羅(或者西方文明中被普遍認為是曼陀羅的東西)起初看起來非常艱苦和困難,但事實卻恰恰相反。 一個曼陀羅的複雜外觀來自於一個節奏,這轉化成一個驚人的結果一點點的努力。 一遍又一遍地做同樣的事情,儘管這樣做是非常輕鬆的,讓你留在眼前。 您可以加入我們的試用課程,並了解更多關於繪畫的療法。

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