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Precious Moment

Finding Calm and Peace at Every Moment

Poiesis Garden for celebrating its 7th Anniversary, we want to company and support each other during this difficult period under the impacts of COVID-19. We aim to help people for advancing self-care towards a holistic view. Thus, we are expanding our services to offering a set of premium products including aroma products, Chinese traditional incenses, relevant accessories and handmade products

Our Story

Our products focus on offering a calm and peaceful state for every user.

A series of essential oils mainly help to uplift the mind and calm the mood. It drives away the anxiety and creates a sense of relaxed sensation, dissipating frustration and stress.

This essential oil is a compounded formula, which assists in unblocking pent up emotions, releasing inhibited frustrations, and improving skin elasticity and smoothness.  It is suitable for daily personal care, coping with restlessness and insomnia.


All of our products are made in Hong Kong with natural ingredients, which are rich in aromas and environmentally friendly. For the line of aroma products that can purify the mind and relieve anxiety, easing tension and reducing stress. For the line of Chinses traditional incense can assist in bringing a relaxed and tranquil sensation and increasing the clarity of the mind.


We aim to offer naturally refreshing and pleasant products that rejuvenate you after a busy day as well as bring you a sense of calm and peace at every moment.

New items


Cotton Flowers
Flowers and Hand
Cosmetic Bottles
DIY Plant Hanger
White Objects
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