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Poiesis Garden


心原堂 (Poiesis Garden) 相信通過我們內在的創造力,我們可以發揮我們的潛力,啟發意識,培養我們的靈性及促進身心健康。無論是幼兒或是成人,在不同的人生階段都會遇到不同的困擾。我們倡導順其自然之“道” 的學習及療治模式,以包納、真誠及富同理心的態度,去瞭解不同人士的狀況及需要; 透過有效的臨床心理學療治方法作介入模式,協助有情緒、社交或行為問題的人士,調整心理及精神上的障礙,從而活出喜樂和豐盛的人生。


此外,我們也非常注重文化,藝術和靈性培養,特別將藝術應用於心理治療、美德培訓和修身訓練。 我們提供獨特的培訓課程、個人發展工作坊、表達藝術療法、能量康復服務、幫助人們進行身心精神的健康發展。




Poiesis Garden believes that through our internal creativity, we can activate our potential, enhance awareness, develop our spirituality for promoting both physical and mental health.  In different stages of life, whatever children or adults, will encounter different problems or difficulties. We advocate the "Tao" learning and treatment model that follows its natural causes, understand the status and needs of different people through inclusive, sincere and empathetic attitudes.


Through effective interventional models of clinical psychology, assisting people who have emotional, social or behavioral problems in order to adjust their mental and psychological barriers to live a happy and fulfilling life.


In addition, we also emphasize on cultural, artistic and spiritual development, with particular emphasis on psychotherapy, virtues and self-cultivation through arts. We provide unique training courses, personal development workshops, expressive arts therapy and energy healing services to help people cultivate their mental and physical health.


Regardless of any treatment or course mentioned above, we can provide individuals or groups setting upon request in languages of Cantonese, English or Mandarin.

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