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Private Art Class is specially offered to anyone interested in art but prefers to choose a flexible date and venue for training. This class is led and guided by an experienced art teacher, Miss Snowy Lam, who is a professional artist, specialising in Chinese ink wash, watercolour & calligraphy.

私人藝術課程是專門為對藝術感興趣的人而設的,能提供靈活的日期和授課地點。 本課程由經驗豐富的美術老師林熙老師 (Snowy) 帶領和指導,她是一位專業的藝術家,擅長中國水墨、水彩和書法。

For Kids 學童

Art is one of the best ways to activate our imagination and explore our potential; especially your child can develop fine motor skills, language skills, social skills, decision-making, risk-taking, inventiveness and creative problem-solving skills. Through art and craft, children bring their imagination and potential to life. 

藝術是激發我們的想像力和探索我們潛力的最佳方式之一; 尤其是您的孩子可以發展和訓練手眼協調、語言技能、社交技能、決策能力、冒險精神、創造力和靈活解決問題的技能等。 通過有趣的藝術和手工藝,孩子們可以將想像力和潛力在生活中展現。


For Adolescent 青少年

By professional mentorship and sufficient attention, Snowy will provide distinct recommendations and critiques to help student improving his/her individual artworks. Over a period of time, an art portfolio demonstrates your creativity, personality, abilities, and commitment that become a collection of your own artworks. 


通過專業的指導和全面的關注,Snowy 將提供獨特的建議和點評,以幫助學生改進他/她的個人作品。 在一段時間內,將可以創造藝術作品集,從中展示您的創造力、個性、能力和承諾,成為您自己獨一無二的藝術作品集。


For Adult 成人

Creating art is a great way for adult to release stress, express emotions as well as gain satisfaction during art-making process. Art is personal and spiritual, your art learning journey is customized to ensure your preferred style and format can be met. Snowy could help to design a suitable syllabus according to your level and expectation. You could also choose any medium that you would like to learn from or Snowy will inspire you though art to develop a lifelong learning interest.

藝術​創作可以讓成年人在過程中釋放壓力、表達情感以及獲得滿足感的好方法。 藝術可以很個人及神聖,您的藝術學習之旅是度身訂制的,以確保滿足您本人喜歡的風格和格式。 Snowy 可以根據您的水平和期望幫助設計合適的教學計劃。 您也可以選擇任何您想學習的媒介,或者讓 Snowy 通過藝術封引導及激發您的靈感,培養您的終身學習興趣!

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