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Our Mission 心原堂理念

「我們能夠擁有最美麗的體驗是神秘的—— 那種站在真正藝術和真正科學的搖籃裡中的情感。」




“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious—the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.”   

Albert Einstein


Over the centuries, we find arts embody with cultures and play a vital role to civilizations. Arts reveal people’s creativity and potential with love and gratitude that uphold the spirit of compassion, hopes and dreams. Unfortunately, people of modern society is losing the essence of arts gradually. Arts become a communized product, museum heritage, ancient history or even an “old fashion” hobbies. People forget the value of arts is not merely lay on entertainment and appreciation. Arts can be a powerful tool for education, communication, cultivation of morality, expression of emotions, therapeutic impacts for illness, etc. 


Many research proofed that human’s misbehaviours usually integrate emotion and consciousness, in addition, knowledge or logic thinking.  The appropriate way of expression can help to release and reduce emotional disturbances, to enhance self-reflection, to communicate with others effectively. We can do various arts training to enhance our aesthetic senses, to develop a healthy body, to learn the appreciation of life including all matters and creations, to enjoy freedom, calmness and mindfulness through artmaking process. We will transform into a better person under appropriate guidance and teaching.   More importantly, the positive force and energy from arts can facilitate the development of our body-mind-spirit.


Though exploring the relationship between arts and life, the significance and core value of culture is outstanding. However, culture is not something can simply learn. It is a collective consciousness that inherent in our blood and passing over generations. In order to attain the benefits from arts and culture, a long-term involvement is necessary.


Apart from manifesting the beauty and culture in a peaceful and harmless way, arts also embodied with therapeutic power. The arts have been one of the greatest healing resources throughout history playing a key role deeply engrained within health traditions cross cultures. Such as, dancing for healing and rites of passage, painting for contemplation and insight, drama for communication and enactment, music for relaxation and connection, or poetry for expression. Recent decades, arts reveal their role in prevention and treatment, as well as, in achieving wholeness and balance.


The power of arts is invisible but can be experienced. Whether skilled with a brush or new to playing music, each of us has a latent capacity to create and enjoy arts; and in this process the arts serve as containers to transform life experiences, shape a new way of being and create an alternative perspective, which is central to the therapeutic process of an individual.


Poiesis Garden is established to promote arts for the healthy living, happiness and good virtues. We believe our wisdom is derived from the way of nature. Let’s get in touch with us for knowing more benefits from arts!


許多研究證明,人的不良行為往往是整合情感和意識出錯,還有知識模糊不清或邏輯思維混亂 。恰當的表達方式可以幫助釋放和減少情緒失調,增強自我反思,有效地與他人溝通。我們可以做各種藝術培訓,增強美感,培養健康的身體及意志,學習欣賞生活中的一切事物和創造的力能,通過藝術的過程來享受自由,平靜和正念。在適當的指導和教導下,我們將變成一個更好的人。更重要的是,藝術的積極力量和正面能量可以促進我們身心思維的發展與整合。






藝術的力量是無形的,但是可以體驗。無論是用運筆能手還是新手玩音樂,我們每個人都有潛力創造和享受藝術; 在這個過程中,藝術作為容器來改變生活經驗,塑造一種新的存在方式,並創造出一種另類視角,這便是個人治療過程的核心。


心原堂成立的目的是促進以藝術為主導的健康生活、提倡美德、注重修身養性和尋找邁向幸福人生的正途 。我們相信我們的智慧是來源自於「道」。歡迎與我們聯繫,了解藝術的更多益處!



Poiesis Garden