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This massage oil uplifts the mind and calms the mood. It drives away the anxiety and creates a sense of relaxed sensation, dissipating frustration and stress.

This essential oil is a compounded formula, which assists in unblocking pent up emotions, releasing inhibited frustrations, and improving skin elasticity and smoothness. It is suitable for daily personal care, coping with restlessness and insomnia.


這按摩油可以讓精神安定,舒緩和安撫情緒;有助驅散緊張,營造輕鬆的感覺,並有減輕沮喪和壓力的功效。此複方配方,亦有利於釋放情緒,放鬆自我抑制,更可同時改善皮膚彈性和光澤。 適用於日常個人護理、減退焦慮、不安和失眠。

RELAXATION Essential Massage Oil 放鬆按摩精油

SKU: 20220122005
HK$300.00 Regular Price
HK$255.00Sale Price
  • How to use: It is suitable for use during massage. It can apply to the face and body by circular motions or pressing gently.

    Main ingredients: Sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, nut oil, vitamin E, clary sage, geranium, sweet orange, ylang-ylang

    Avoid use 24 hours before exposure to sunlight

    使用方法: 可把按摩油輕掃、打圈或按壓方式塗抹面部及身體。

    主要成份: 甜杏仁油、荷荷芭油、堅果油、維他命E、快樂鼠尾草、天竺葵、甜橙、依蘭


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