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Mask buckle

How to use: Attached on the mask or clothing

Please keep away from children



使用方法:添加適量(數滴) 精油後放在口罩或衣服的表面


Mask buckle + Essential Oil Trail Sample 口罩扣+送精油試用裝

SKU: 20220122003
  • Effectiveness take place only after adding an appropriate amount (a few drops) of essential oil.

    添加適量(數滴) 精油後,方能發揮作用。

  • No delivery service is available at this moment. All services or product can be purchase at our clinical center

    暫時不提供送貨服務。 所有服務或產品都可以在我們的中心購買。 詳情請whatapps (852) 9872 2510

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